Our division of PVC Next Polymers has more than fifty years of experience in manufacturing of PVC pipe. We offer you a product of the highest quality that will meet or exceed your requirements, reliaby.

We offer the full range of service in manufacturing, delivery, and technical support. If your project requires custom made PVC-pipe, please contact us as well.

NEXT AQUALOC: Municipal PVC Pressure pipe 

  • Dimensional range of CI, 4’’-16’’ at a pressure rating of 165 psi and 235 psi (DR25 and DR18)
  • Dimensional range of IPS 1 ½’’ – 12’’ SDR21, SDR26, with gasketed bell end or as solvent bell end
  • Dimensional range of IPS 3’’ – 12’’ SDR32.5 and SDR41 with gasketed bell end
  • Dimensional range of Industrial Pipe, ½’’ – 12’’ in SCHEDULE40 and SCHEDURE80, in either plain end or solvent bell end

NEXT DURALOC: Gravity PVC Sewer pipe

  • Dimensional range of PSM, 4″ – 18v in SDR35, green
  • Dimensional range of PSM, 4″, 5″, 6″ in SDR28, white or green
  • Dimensional range of PSM, 8″, 10″, 12″ in SDR26
  • Long radius bends in the dimensions 4″, 5″ and 6″. Bend angle of each pipe diameter of 11 1/4º , 22 ½º and 45°

NEXT DRAINLOC : Drainage pipe

  • Dimensional range 3″, 4″, and 6″, solid and perforated with numerous patters up to 7-hole. Custom-made perforation pattern upon request.

NEXT POWERLOC: PVC Electrical conduit, DB2 according to CSA C22.22 No211.1

  • Available in lengths from 10 to 20 feet.
  • Available in standard Grey. Red, and Orange available upon request.
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